Best Android Games Free 2017-2018 [Latest List of Android Games

Android Games are in Big Demand. There are great variety of Android Games so many times Gamers get confused which Android Game is Best. On Google Play Store you will get Variety of Games. So we have short list of Top 5 Best Android Games. About every Best Android Games we have explained in detail. So read this full post to get to know about Best Android Games in Detail.

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List of 5 Best Android Games 2016-2017

  1. Clash of clans

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Clash of Clans – Best Android Games

There is no explanation and introduction need for this game. Everyone knows this game, the clash of the clans is developed and published by Supercell. This game has about 1 billion downloads in play store and this is the highest number of downloads for a game and also they have more than 500 million active users. Clash of clans was initially released for the iOS users and a week later for the android users. Clash of clans is popularly known as COC.

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COC is based upon a fantasy themed forest where you have a town hall and a group of villagers and some defense building like archer tower, cannon, mortar, wizard tower, tesla tower, etc. There are 2 spell factories which brew spells that can be used in war. One is the normal spell factory and the other is the dark spell factory, you will have 2,3,4 barracks to train troops and 1,2 dark barracks to train troops. This Game is always included in the List of best Android Games

Apart from the normal buildings you will have a laboratory where you can research and train your troops to attack better with more life and other things as you go. Apart from these buildings you will have from 50 to 300 walls to protect your village form attacks and some others plants and flags to decorate your village.

The obstacles will spawn in your village in the rate of 8 per hour and you can remove it to get some gems and experience. You will get a gem box weekly twice which contains 25 gems in it. Apart from this you will get gems when you complete some special tasks and you can always buy unlimited gems from the game.

There are three type of resource in the game which are gold, elixir and dark elixir. You can use your gold to upgrade your defense buildings, elixir drill and collectors and also your town hall you can use your elixir to upgrade your barracks. Research and train troops and upgrade elixir drill and collectors, and you can upgrade your walls with gold up to level 8 and then you can use both gold and elixir to upgrade further.

There are 2 types of game mode in clash of clans one is single player battle where you will have to fight the goblin base which is easy to win and the other one is multiplayer battle where you have to attack another player’s base. You will get one star if you complete 50% and one more star when you destroy the town hall and the last one when you completely destroy the whole base.

After 2 years of initial release the game has brought wars in which you have to attack other clans with all the member of your clan. Recently the Clash of Clans in 2017 brought a major change to the game which included a builder base which will let you attack other player’s builder base and simultaneously that player will attack your base and the best attacker wins.

  1. 8 ball pool

8 Ball Pool Hack

8 Ball Pool

This is also a famous game everyone knows which you would have played definitely in your childhood. Now there is an app available to play this game in your smartphone itself. The game is known as 8 ball pool which is a very famous game in facebook which has more than a million users in facebook itself. 8 Ball Pool game is developed and published by Miniclip.

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And they have more users playing this game in their official website too. They also have an official android and iOS app which has a lot and lot of users, the apps are the most famous and engaging platform for now. The android app of 8 ball pool has more users than others. The app is completely free to download, however the cues and other things are paid inside the app, but you can get it for free by earning coins.

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The board contains 15 balls and a white ball or the cue ball through which you have to shoot all the other balls to one of the six holes present in the board. You have to use the cue to shoot all the balls using the cue ball. You can upgrade your cue using coins you earn or buy it using money. The only black ball which is numbered as 8 is the main ball which decides life-death situation to your game.

In this game you will have 15 balls with 2 balls having similar colour and all the 15 balls having different numbers and there will be 2 players playing the game on the same board. One person has to start the game by shooting the white ball given to you which will be the 16th ball in the board and after both the players will have consecutive chances and the first person to shoot a ball will get a set of balls.

The balls are divided into 3 sets, the first set contains balls from number one to seven and the second set has only 8 and the third one has balls from nine to fifteen, if you shoot a ball from set one or set two first, then you will own the set and you have to shoot all the other balls from that set only, if you shoot the balls from your opponent’s set then you will increase their wining chance.

If you shoot the 8 ball before shooting all other balls in your set then game is over your opponent will win the game, but after finishing you set of balls to shoot you have to shoot the 8 ball in order to win the game. If you shoot the white ball into the holes or touch any of your opponent’s set balls, then your opponent will have the advantage to place the white ball anywhere in the board for his chance.

  1. Roblox Robux

Best Android Games

Roblox Robux – Best Android Games

The Roblox game was developed and published by the Roblox corporation which is very good game where the gamers themselves can design the game in whatever way they want and can play it in their own way online through the multi-player option. It is more of a gaming platform which features the robux game where the game has more than 1 million users generated versions.

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This game is available for all platforms like Windows, OS X, Xbox one, iOS, Android and the game is currently being developed for PlayStation 4. This game has over 30 million active users every month making it as one of the active games and the numbers are increasing really fast. No wonder that this will be the most active game of the year or one of the games with one billion users.

In Robux the players can design their own games and share it with other or play in the same game with others using the multiplayer option. You should learn and use a programming language known as Lua to use the sandbox edition of the game which lets you edit the game, you can also download and edit the old version of the game which are created by other gamers.

Most of the games available in Roblox is designed and published by Roblox corporation. There are many virtual characters in the game which can be customized a lot like the body shapes, clothing, gear and head shapes, and even hats they wear. There are limited edition items to decorate your character which can also be bought or traded for better prices and you can use the money to buy other things in Roblox.

This game also has a social network type features which allows the users to communicate through text messages, add friends, check out your friend’s characters. A new update in this game also added a best friend’s sections with some special features and permissions. There are also follow option, the request you cancel will fall under your follower’s category.

You can have up to 200 friends and infinite followers, you can also create groups and have a members added to that group and promote or share tips and discuss about a game. You can have a group made with your followers if your gaming is good enough. The game creation, editing and all other development stuffs is done is a software known as the Roblox studio.

The Robux is the first game in the robolux platform and it is one of the best game till date with more active installs and active users. This game has some special connections with the roblox users as each one of them has this game installed and they play the game daily, all day. I personally recommend this game for others which has the huge potential to be the best game of the decade.

  1. Pokemon go


Pokemon is one of the famous games of the android operating system. This game was developed and published by Niantic which is a huge hit and millions and millions of people loved and played this game last year. However the number of users playing this game decreased this year as the game was blocked from some countries due to security reasons and some people lost interest in it.


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But still this game has a lot of active users. It is a wonderful game and first of its kind where GPS plays the main role in the game, if your phone doesn’t have GPS feature, then you can’t play Pokémon Go. The game is inspired from the cartoon Pokémon. The game features some characters from the cartoon itself all over the world in the world map.

The ultimate aim of the game is to hunt and capture these Pokémon characters. You will have some score for that and there are pokey stops or Pokey gyms in the map to where you can train and battle with other player. This means that there will be another person, in person who will also be at pokey stop and you have to fight with your own Pokémon characters.

You will also get some points for walking around the map, and there a lot more things you can do with this app and you will get points for it. Also you will have a leader board with all the players of this game and also with your google play account friends. Everything mentioned till now is free and some things are purchasable for training your Pokémon.

Initially at the time of launch of the game there were a lot of bugs and problems in game which is not a beta release, the stable one itself had issues. But later as there were further updates available which came with better features. All the known and reported bugs were fixed and the game was in a great level of success after which some countries blocked it and brought the game down again.

The game also featured a more advanced avatar for all individual which can be customized to a great extent. Pokey stops provide players with Poke Balls, Potions, eggs, berries, etc. Players get special experience and points for catching rare Pokémons. There are special series match known as king of the hill matches which take place in the poke gyms when there are a lot of participants.

The developers have cleverly designed the game that you can find water Pokémons only in water and near water surroundings. Not all Pokémon’s can be captured in single attempt so you need to use special poke balls or you need to try more than once to capture some strong and rare Pokémon’s. If you run out of poke balls, then you can always buy as many as you want anytime.

  1. Fallout shelters

Fallout Shelter – Best Android Games

Fallout Shelter is a stimulation video game published and developed by Bethesda game studios. The is a freeware game which is available for all platforms like Android, iOS, Xbox One, Windows, etc. Fallout is actually a series of games which was first released for iOS and then android and a year later for windows and then for Xbox the next year which is this year.

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Fallout shelter is an extension game of the fallout universe which was a huge hit as it was released and received a lot of positive reviews, some people did not like the game, but most of them loved it. The success of the game can be seen as the game made more than 5 million US dollars in just 2 weeks from release which is a very huge for a new game.

In this game you have to build a vault for yourself and manage it as the king of the vault. And another main objective of the game is to balance your water, power and food in order to maintain your vault till end. This game tests your management and strategy skills. You can also build unlimited rooms inside your vault itself and make your game process better.

You can have different amount of water, food and other items in separate rooms but you cannot spend your coins or food or water to increase your timings or processes. Through micro transactions you can purchase resources like water, food, etc. You will get lunchboxes as rewards as surprise and you will get food or water or other resources in it.

In 2015 the game features a special feature known as the dweller from the fallout 4 game. And also the rewards which were restricted in the lunchbox was removed and everything was available for reward. But the unblocked one are found rarely in the game, and you will lose the game if you fail to feed where you will lose all the food and water you have earned so far.

The vice president of Bethesda, Pete Hine said in a public meeting that the game inspired a lot of other games like the Faster than Light, Progress Quest, XCOM and the Sim City. This is one of the most popular game which is available for free in iOS, Xbox and other platforms. However, there were some slight changes made in the Xbox and the windows version of the game from the android and iOS games.

Many gamers and psychiatrists say that this game exercise your brain and improve your memory and thinking skills and also you will have better team or crowd management skills after playing this game as this game tests your management skills in all possible aspects. This is one of the game which has a least number of hater as everyone who play this game for once gets addicted to the game.

So, what are you waiting for go ahead and download and enjoy the Best Android Games. This Best Android Games was rated one of the best game in the world of mobile games summit in 2016. This Best Android Games is almost 80MB in the mobile versions which does a lot of things that other games couldn’t. This game is rated as the best game from the fallout series of games.

Hope you all enjoyed the post of Best Android Games 2017 2018

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